An even greater cathedral

Lords of Shadow 2, or the Spanish Castlevania, continues with the time-tested formula of the first game, throwing in a few improvements and new ideas for good measure. It’s still a variation on the original, […]


The Vampire of the Opera

The next-gen Castlevania is, first of all, a way for the Spanish developers to revamp the series. Namely, to do so music-wise too, with the composer Oscar Araujo staking everything on one, very strong card. […]


Thaw on the ice planet

If American road movies, Blizzard’s composers’ music in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty or Christopher Lennertz’s Starhawk Original Soundtrack are your thing, you should definitely give Jack Wall’s new album a spin. Lost Planet 3 […]


Chrono Trigger Reborn

Blake Robinson apparently developed a taste for full-length album arrangements. After Super Metroid Symphony and Banjo-Kazooie Symphony, the British arranger chose Chrono Trigger as his next challenge. Mitsuda’s much-acclaimed work has had its fair share of interpretations, […]


(Polski) Dobre i Darmowe – pełna lista

Poniżej prezentujemy wam listę całkowicie darmowych, legalnie do pobrania ścieżek dźwiękowych z gier. Przeważnie udostępniane są przez twórców na stronach konkretnych tytułów lub przez samych kompozytorów. Zestawienie będzie regularnie uzupełniane o nowe pozycje, więc warto […]